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Introduction to The Teacher,” p. 66. 71 Cf. 31, in Earlier Writings. 3, in Earlier Writings. 36. 46. 75 Cf. 9. 8. Christopher’s translation here is an adaptation and revision of his translation in the Patristic Series. 38, in Earlier Writings. 20. Cf. Confessions and Enchiridion, p. 351 (n. 38). 70 inside. To put this in modern terminology, credulity—mere acceptance of truth second hand—is not enough; an inner response, however it may be explained, is necessary, and the beginning of this response is the realization that we are created to respond positively to God: .

He possessed a firm conviction regarding the truthfulness, power, and life-changing quality of his message, yet had genuine humility. He also urged all who would think themselves "mature" Christians to "be thus minded" and to "join in imitating me and mark those who so live as you have in us an example" (Phil. 3:15-17). A number of times Paul urged his converts to follow his example. He commended the Thessalonians for imitating the lives of the apostolic band (Paul, Silas, and Timothy) and "of the Lord," and in turn becoming examples for other believers in Macedonia and Achaia (I Thess.

In 383 lie went to Italy, where lie stayed for about five years and where the direction of his life changed radically. Although he had been raised in the church, lie was converted to the pursuit of philosophy in 373 while reading Cicero's Hortensius. By the time he left North Africa for Rome, lie was a Manicliaean, a position from which he was liberated by the Neoplatonism of Plotinus and Porphyry. In 384 lie went to Milan to resume his teaching career, and there lie heard the preaching of Ambrose, under whose ministry Augustine was converted in 386 and by whom he was baptized in 387.

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