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1. 6H-xt 2. 6H 6H-X-TC 3. 6n 6H-x-x Pres. stem Plur. 6ij-x-Me 1 Gfl-j-e. PRESENT. 1. 6ni& 2. 6H-eiIIb 6H-6-T6 3. 6H-e 6 2. 6n-H 1. 6H-flXt 2. 6H-e-nie 6ii-fl-x-Te 3. 6H-e-nie 6ii-fl-x-z. 6ii-e-M rb IMPERATIVE. i 6H-H-TC IMPERFECT. 6H-H-X-M6 ' Hi-, makes comes the verb 6n-, f to be/ the tion of which will be given on page 59. ; Sflfc-, to 3Haia, but also, according to V. 1, 3naMT. The j is Slavonic y. it must be pronounced y. use this letter, which cannot be confounded with inserted to avoid the hiatus It is preferable to ; 44 BULGARIAN GRAMMAR.

Thus see that the imperfective aspect furnishes to the Slavonic verb (1) the present, (2) the imperfect tenses ; while the perfective aspect furnishes (3) the future in the simple form as opposed to the compounded and artificial future ; (4) the aorist. THE VERB. , Here I shall call/ 31 Kaaa, naca and termination of the infinitive in lost the 0. S. There are BftKa have -TH. five tenses the present, the imperfect, the the and the aorist, future, past tense formed from a : participle. Each aspect is own moods and regularly conjugated according to its tenses.

Sing. 1. HCC-O-X"B 2. nec-e Plur. HCC-O-X-MC HCC-O-X-TC 3, nec-e . Present stem HCC-0-X2K. nec-e. PRESENT. 1. H6C2. nec-e-Mt 2. Hec-e-iui, Hec-e-Te 3. Hec-e IMPERATIVE. 2. HCCH IMPERFECT. 1 HCC-h-XT. HGC-t-X-MC 2. nec-4-me nec-t-x-Te 3. nec-t-iiie For H6CT)Ji, HeJi> is HGC-fc-X-JK. used colloquially. past part. 40 BULGARIAN GRAMMAR. STEMS WHICH END IN 6 AND ' 3. a. Inf. ' past part. act. ; B. II. n ; past. ; past part. pass. rpeSent. AORIST. Sing. 1. rpe6-o-x r Plur. rpe6-o-x-Me b 2. rpe6-e rpe6-o-x-xe 3.

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