Download e-book for iPad: Acid Catalysis in Modern Organic Synthesis, vol 1 by Hisashi Yamamoto, Kazuaki Ishihara

By Hisashi Yamamoto, Kazuaki Ishihara

ISBN-10: 3527317244

ISBN-13: 9783527317240

This two-volume set covers all new advancements and, furthermore, comprises the new notion of mixed Bronsted and Lewis acid catalysis, built by way of Hisashi Yamamoto himself. the wonderful editorial workforce has prepare an both best workforce of professional authors, leading to a real treasure trove of crucial info -- making this a needs to for each chemist operating in natural chemistry and catalysis, in academia in addition to in undefined.

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B Ref. 5 , 6 . c Ref. 7. 2 p K. Val u e of su bstituted N-aroyltrifluorometha ne­ su lfonam ides, N , N' -bis (trifluorometh anesulfonyl) ­ benza m i d i n es a n d benzoic acid s i n aceton itri le a n d H a m m ett crp con stants for the same s u bstitution [8- 1 1 ] er X (CH3 ) 2 N CH30 CH3 H Br F Cl NOz a Ref. 8 . b Ref. 9 . c Ref. 10. d Ref. 1 1 . 27 -0. 1 Introd uction of Eiectron-Withdrawing G roup There are many factors which influence acidity. g. g. O H , N H , C H , etc . ) . Therefore, a simple strategy to develop more acidic Br0nsted acid would be to synthesize molecules which bear, along with the acidic site, several electron withdrawing groups andfor n-electron acceptors that form extensive conjugated systems with the anionic center of A- .

2002) Synlett, 1 299. , Yamamoto, H. (2003) Ange­ wandte Chemie International Edition, 42, 5 7 3 1 . , H asegawa, A , Kuwata, S . , Yamamoto, H . , Ikariya, T. (2005) Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, 347, 220. , Yamamoto, H . (2005) Bulletin of the Chemical Society ofjapan, 78, 1401 . 38 Payette, J . N . , Yamamoto, H. journal of the American Chemical Society, 1 29, 9536-7. 1 Br0nsted Acid Two acid-base definitions are used in organic chemistry today: the Bmnsted-Lowry definition [1] and the Lewis definition.

This term i s not suitable, however, for very strong o r very weak acids because an accurate value can be obtained only for acids weaker than H 3 0+ and stronger than water. When a compound is added to water and the concentration is not high, the pH value of the solution is a measure of the proton donating ability of the water. Acidity can be related to the degree of transformation of a base to its conjugate acid, although it will depend on the base itself. The widely used Hammet acidity function Ho is defined as follows ( S cheme 2 .

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