Urs P. Schlunegger's Advanced Mass Spectrometry. Applications in Organic and PDF

By Urs P. Schlunegger

ISBN-10: 0080238424

ISBN-13: 9780080238425

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The momentum J is J * mv * e Br the result is: and 2 * 2e Vm = m a (si) m As, in this analysis, an ion of mass m has to pass the magnetic as well as the electric sector, hence from equations XI and XII: And: Ε m r„ D 2 2 e r M The ratio of the field strengths in the analyser of the mass spectrometer for the passage of an ion of mass m can therefore be calculated as follows: - m . Κ (XIII) 40 Hardware As the radii of the sector r^ and r respectively, as well as the charge e are constants, it can be derived from equation XIII that ions of mass m, yet with different kinetic energy and momentum, can pass the analyser of a double focusing mass spectrometer if the quotient B^/E is adjusted accordingly.

12 t t Conventional "metastable ions recorded in a VACUUM GENERATORS ZAB - 2F mass spectrometer (single focusing mode). These peaks are broad and of low intensity. -^jjZ*relative to its reduced mass. Product ions resulting^rora decompositions of metastables cannot pass the electric sector on the conditions of the main ion beam. 2 . Emain beam * this possible. If the electric field is ldecreased trom Ε ^ · ^ " b to zero, then all product ions generated by metastable decompositions are focussed successively on the detector.

For the sake of comparison several of these compounds were synthesized and tested by conventional mass spectrometry (30). One example, 3,17-dihydroxy-5androstane-11, 16-dione is representative of this type of compound. In its conventional mass spectrum (Fig.

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