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This average textual content, now in paperback for the 1st time-- the significant other quantity to Foreign Dialects-- American Dialects bargains consultant dialects of each significant component of the us. In every one case, a common description and historical past of the dialect is given, through an research of vowel and consonant peculiarities, of its person lilt and rhythm, and of its grammar diversifications. There also are lists of the idioms and idiomatic expressions that distinguish each one dialect and workouts utilizing them. American Dialects additionally comprises musical inflection charts and diagrams exhibiting the situation of lips, tongue, and breath.

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AW'' .... as in "aU:' "fault:' "wash:' etc. " DRILL WORDS AHI fAHlt hAHk (all) (fault) (hawk) kAHl (call) tAHt (taught) tAHk (talk) gAHntlit AHlUHz skAHld (gauntlet) (always) (scald) WHEN THE SOUND OF "w" PRECEDES THE GENERAL-AMERICAN '~w," THIS VOWEL SOUND GENERALLY CHANGES TO "0" IN THE NEW ENGLAND DIALECT. DRILL WORDS wOsh wOtch skwOsh (wash) (watch) (squash) kwOril (quarrel) wOrin (Warren) wOrint (warrant) wOsp wOtUH wOk (wasp) (water) (walk) HISTORICAL VARIATION: If the character lived in the early nineteenth century, the sound of ''AX' may be substituted for words spelled with "au" or "ua" as in "sAAs" (sauce), "kwAAIiti" (quality), and "hAAnt" (haunt).

The actor should learn to recognize this sound if he uses it. He should notice its unobtrusive production so that when he finds its use pointed out in a particular instance in a certain dialect, he will be able to give this sound a normal and natural interpretation. The American variety of glottal stop should not be as rich or full or strong as the Scottish type. This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER TWO The New England Dialect C ontrary to popular belief, the New England dialect is not spoken throughout the New England area.

When stressed, "to" may be pronounced as "tOH" in the New England dialect, as in "zi:k di:dn nOH wUH tOH sAY" (Zeke didn't know what to say). CHARACTER VARIATION: When a General-American "00" word is spelled with "u" after the consonant sounds "d;' "1," "n;' "s," "t," "th;' or "z;' this vowel sound may remain "00" as in "dOOti" (duty), "nOOmrUHs" (numerous), and "lOOk" (Luke). "00" • • •• as in "good:' "wolf:' "soot:' etc. " Since it is closer to the latter, it will be represented here as "U," and the sound should be produced from far forward in the mouth.

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