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By Gregory Mirow

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Historical Mexican layout ДИЗАЙН, КУЛЬТУРА и ИСКУССТВО, ЖИВОПИСЬ и РИСОВАНИЕ Название: old Mexican layout Издательство: "Pepin Press", 2002 Страниц: one hundred thirty Формат: djvu Размер: 4,54 Mb (+3%)This e-book comprises beautiful photos to be used as a photograph source, or idea. the photographs is additionally used to provide postcards, or to accessorize your letters, flyers, and so on. Ознакомиться:sharingmatrix eighty five

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Both graphically illustrate the sharp fluctuations and net stagnation which characterized the Mexican economy before the 1860s, in stark contrast with the rapid, sustained growth from the late 1860s to 1910. 02-S1772 5/31/2001 11:34 AM Page 25 Figure 1. S. S. dollars of 1875–1880). S. Treasury and Commerce Department sources in Salvucci, “Origins and Progress,” and Beatty, “Impact of Foreign Trade,” linked in 1880. 02-S1772 5/31/2001 11:34 AM Page 26 26 Political Institutions and the Mexican Economy What kept most Mexican and foreign investors from seeking profits in the productive and commercial sectors of the Mexican economy between the 1820s and the 1870s?

53 He also trusted subordinates to manage the expanding federal bureaucracy in his name. 54 This does not mean, however, that these elites necessarily “controlled” the state, and indeed, there is evidence in the chapters that follow of a degree of state autonomy. Nor does it mean that the benefits of protection and promotion were distributed in an arbitrary and ad hoc manner to those with connections; this too is called into question by the evidence here. It does imply that policymakers generally saw the interests of the nation and the interests of their own social group as one and the same.

42 Due in part to federal regulation, rail rates favored medium-haul freight (between 300 and 450 km) over the long hauls characteristic of the import trade. 43 Because rail companies erected telegraph lines along their routes, a vast network of rapid communications accompanied the extension of rail transport. 44 Transport costs for both people and freight fell to a fraction of what they had been when travelers and shippers had to rely on foot traffic, carts, and mule trains. International freight that previously took two weeks or more by sea from the eastern United States to Mexico’s gulf ports now could travel overland by rail in less than a week.

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