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By Daryoush Mohammad Poor

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Reading the relationship among the idea that of authority and the transformation of the Ismaili imamate, Authority with out Territory is the 1st learn of the imamate in modern instances with a selected specialise in Aga Khan, the forty ninth hereditary chief of Shi?a Imami Ismaili Muslims.

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Thus, the fact of the researcher’s background need not have any adverse effect, disadvantage or harm for the outcome of the research. As Gadamer explains, this “prejudice” does not necessarily entail a false judgment. It is all dependent upon the positive or negative value which comes with it. In this research, I have been intimately involved with the subject of research, and therefore I have been able to see some nuances that outsiders could hardly discern. 24 M Authority without Territory Critical Intimacy Gadamer takes on the Enlightenment’s prejudice against prejudice itself which has ignored the methodological value of prejudice.

Dabashi, 1999: 28) Being an Ismaili, as the person who engages in this research is both difficult and rewarding. It is difficult because there is always a potential of falling into the trap of justification and apologetics. It is rewarding Introduction M 25 and indeed a privileged position because I have not only had access to the Community internally, thus overcoming many of the obstacles that outsiders face, but I have also been in constant battle with myself trying to deconstruct and reinterpret these developments, from a homocentric perspective.

Indeed, in a recent publication of the largest Ismaili poetry collection of the Alamūt period, the influence of Sanā ī is quite explicitly recognized (Badakhchani, 2011: 287). In a number of the writings of Ayn al-Quḍāt Hamadānī (d. AH 525/ AD 1131), a Sufi-philosopher who lived during the Alamūt period of Introduction M 13 the Ismaili history, there are implicit and explicit references to Ismaili doctrines, including the doctrine of taʿlīm on which he has written an extensive letter (letter 75 in his Nāmahhā).

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Authority without Territory: The Aga Khan Development Network and the Ismaili Imamate by Daryoush Mohammad Poor

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