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Biogeography and Evolution in New Zealand presents the 1st in-depth therapy of the biogeography of recent Zealand, a sector that has been a spot of long-enduring curiosity to ecologists, evolutionary scientists, geographers, geologists, and scientists in comparable disciplines. It serves as a key addition to the modern dialogue on regionalization―how is New Zealand diversified from the remainder of the area? With what different components does it percentage its geology, historical past, and biota? Do new molecular phylogenies convey that New Zealand can be visible as a organic ‘parallel universe’ inside international evolution?

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In this model, distribution has much closer links with phylogeny than it does in dispersal theory, and this is compatible with the geographic structure that is being discovered in so many phylogenies. In a vicariance model, many aspects of distribution represent inherited information (in a centerof-origin model, this is only true for point endemics), and so biogeographic information has potential applications in tectonics. One example is in the debate about whether or not a “West Caledonian fault” exists in New Caledonia (Heads, 2008a).

The Earth and its living layer exist together and interact in complex ways that are studied by ecologists. In addition, the Earth and its life evolve together. , Carroll, 2010: 126). Many aspects of distribution—elevational and latitudinal ranges, for example—display obvious correlations with aspects of the environment. Yet many distributions are not explained by current ecological variables. These probably result from changes over evolutionary time, and they have been accounted for either by Earth’s history, as in Croizat’s (1964) model, or by chance dispersal, a process that does not depend on geological change.

1 The Spatial Basis of Biogeography To do science is to search for repeated patterns, not simply to accumulate facts, and to do the science of geographical ecology is to search for patterns of plant and animal life that can be put on a map. MacArthur, 1972: 1 Until recently, phylogeography has not taken its “geography” base seriously enough… particularly in light of rampant, blind application of molecular clock methodologies to complex geographic and historical questions…. The result is a field that seriously needs to broaden its vision….

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