YWAM St Albans


YWAM St Albans is part of Youth With A Mission international, a global movement of Christians dedicated to Knowing God and Making Him Known to the world. Our approach to training is holistic – “live-learn” – recognising that learning and growth don’t just take place through lectures in a classroom alone, but also through serving, living in community, one-on-one discipleship, small group discussions and more.


To provide missional platforms for every Christian to fulfil the great commission.


We prepare people for a life of discipleship, leadership, spiritual awakening, and transformative action.


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) affirms the Bible as the authoritative word of God and, with the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, the absolute reference point for every aspect of life and ministry. Based upon God’s word, who He is, and His initiative of salvation, the following responses are strongly emphasised in YWAM:

We are called to praise and worship God alone.We are called to lead holy and righteous lives that exemplify the nature and character of God.We are called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.We are called to engage in intercessory prayer for the people and cause on God's heart, including standing against evil in every form. We are called to commit to the Church in both its local nurturing expression and its mobile multiplying expressions.


Our missional activities are expressed in five core focus- Creative, Restorative, Spiritual Formation, Global Leadership, and GLO (Global-Local Outreaches). Each focus area is a ‘Hub’ that integrates intentional discipleship, training, resourcing, networking and practical application.


The Centre for Creative Arts & Culture is  a ‘prophetic voice’ to society; combining training, events, social actions, and excellent productions in creative arts, media & culture.


Promoting the indispensability of discipleship through an intentional process of ‘growing well into Christlikeness and flourishing in every of life.


Equipping & resource people with a vision of good news to the poor, comfort &  healing to the broken-hearted; promoting conflict transformation, reconciliation and peace in a fractured world.


Nurturing a Christ-centred leadership, especially the next generation, by enabling understanding of global trends, cultures, and dominant worldviews; and supporting people in all spheres of influence to flourish in their missional vocation, especially,  those in the public arena.


Promoting the Kingdom of God on earth through initiatives of Justice, Compassion, Service and Evangelism.


Our primary call is to love this beautiful land, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, and to whole-heartedly serve God’s purpose for this land.

From the United Kingdom, we are committed to creatively explore the fulfillment of the great commission, to see the redemptive power of  God’s Kingdom shape nations, and every sphere of influence.


In collaboration with others, we are dedicated to mobilize, train and send teams to locations in Europe, East & West Africa, South-East Asia, and the Caucuses.  For each location, we will utilize ‘Influential Regional Platforms’ (IRP) as a strategic springboard to access nations within their respective regions.